Entry #2

i dreamed i was in some high school looking building in some swim class and i forgot the content but I was bein a troublemaker and refusing to follow instructions the i saw someone vomit in the pool and proceed to drink it then i for out and walked like 10 minutes to the shower with dry clothes trying to figure out the logistics of showering publicly without getting my clothes wet then i did it but my socks were wet and my hair was no longer crusty turn i saw myself in the mirror and i had cool mullet length hair then i went outside and it was some bay looking terrace overlooking the San fran bay with a huge amount of ships going by and there was some yellow haze mixed into the blue skies and I just sat down and talked to some dood who came up to me about ‘the way’ then i remmeber squinting my eyes at the scene and i could see the image distort like irl

— definitely not kybobobi

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